Smart fields

Smart Fields allow you to send a document for signing to one or multiple recipients and automatically pre-fill it with the information you add.

You can add Smart Fields to a template through web UI only.

Note: names of Smart Fields are case-sensitive

Prefill Smart Fields

Prefills Smart Fields.

  • document_id required
    Path parameter: ID of the document which contains the Smart Fields.
  • data required
    Array[object]: array of the Smart Field field_names.
  • field_name1 required
    Inside the "data"array: the field_name of the Smart Field you'd like to pre-fill.
  • client_timestamp required
    Unix timestamp of pre-fill.

Returns success when all parameters are correct. Returns an error if "data" is not an array object.

POST /user/folder
                    -X POST
            {{document_id}}/integration/object/smartfields \
                     Bearer {{access_token}}'
                        "data": [
                     "UTC time stamp"
                    "status": "success"