Signing link

Signing link - a single-use link to a document that requires a signature. When the document is signed (or the signer declines to sign it), the link is no longer valid.

Keep in mind that you should get the document ID first before generating a link. Save it from a POST /document or GET /user/documents request.

This request returns 2 links:
"url" - having followed this link, the Signer is asked to log in to their SignNow account;
"url_no_signup" - document is accessible to anyone with the link.


The signing link object

  • url string
    To access a document via this link, log in to signNow is required.
  • url_no_signup string
    Anyone with this link can access the document.
The template object
                  "url": "",
                  "url_no_signup": ""

Create signing link

Allows to create a single-use link to a specific document.

  • document_id required
    ID of a document to create a Signing Link for

Returns the document URL.

POST /link
                    -X POST
                     Bearer {{access_token}}'
                    "url": "" 
                    "url_no_signup": ""