Embedded Sending

Embedded sending allows API users to embed the ability to send an invite into an application.

During embedded sending, signNow generates a link to a document which opens in signNow editor.

When the third party user follows the link, the document may open at the invite settings page, or in the editor for adding fields and then configuring the invite.

The third party user edits the invite and sends the document for signature.

Create embedded sending link for a document group

Creates a link to the Invite settings page for a specific document group (for third party users to prepare and send the invite to sign).

  • document_group_id required
    Path parameter: ID of the requested document group.
  • redirect_uri optional
    The page that opens after embedded sending has been set up.

Returns the link for embedded sending in case of correct request. Returns an error when:

  • User is not document group owner, "code": 19001010. Message: "Current user is not document group owner."
  • Invalid authorization, "code": 1537. Message: "invalid_token"
  • Invalid document, "code": 19002001. Message: "Document not found"
  • Incorrect body format, "code": 0. Message: "Internal Api Error"
  • Request with token of internal application, "code": 19001001. Message: "Action allowed only for external application."
  • Request with "redirect_uri" value in UTF 4-byte characters, "code": 19038005. Message: "4-byte characters in `redirect_uri` are not supported."
  • Request with invalid "redirect_uri" value (int), "code": 19038003. Message: "Parameter `redirect_uri` must be a string."
  • Request with "redirect_uri" more than 2048 characters, "code": 19038004. Message: "Parameter `redirect_uri` must not exceed 2048 characters."
  • Request with invalid "redirect_uri" value (invalid URL), "code": 19038006. Message: "Parameter `redirect_uri` must be a valid URL."
  • Request with wrong json body, "code": 19001000. Message: "Invalid payload"
POST /v2/document-groups/{document_group_id}/embedded-sending
curl -X POST \          
  https://api-eval.signnow.com/v2/documents/{{document_id}}/embedded-sending \        
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer {{access_token}}' \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \       
  -d '{
  "redirect_uri": "https://your.redirect.uri.com"  
  "data": [
      "url": "http://app-eval.signnow.com/webapp/documentgroup/423162c69af7124574f2ad0d5a45f5a8d29942b2edafe0a74e598f/setup_invite?access_token=4574f2ad0d5a45f5bc6aebb203ca92ea4590d9468cff976b6734edbe112f7b1d3a&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2Fyour.redirect.uri.com"