Updates a document by adding/overwriting fields or elements (texts, checks, signatures, hyperlinks, attachments)

Fields - spaces in the document designated for signing and editing (filling in) by the recipient. There are different types of fields for different kinds of input: Signature Field, Text Field, Date Field, Formula Field etc.

Users can add or remove fields in the document and assign them to a particular signer. Fields can be marked required in that case signers wouldn’t be able to send their signed copies without filling in those fields.

Every field is an object that contains field properties: ID, role, label, name etc.

Field properties: field ID, its type, the role it’s been assigned to, x/y coordinates in the document, field width and height, its label, prefilled text, and the custom defined option.

Field properties are described in a fields array.

Content of a field can be found in texts, signatures, or checks arrays (“checks” for checkboxes) based on the type of data that’s been filled in. You can retrieve all the values from Text, Dropdown, Calculated, Hyperlink, or Date fields from the texts array.

Each field has its own ID. You can find it as element_id parameter in the fields array.

When the field is completed, it appears in the texts array with an id parameter equal to element_id from the field array.

See also: Field types

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