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Returns all details of a specific folder including an array of all documents in that folder.

You can adjust the response produced by this endpoint using the following query parameters:

filters=signing-status&filter-values - allows to show documents with specific status
allowed values: signed, pending, waiting-for-me, waiting-for-others

filters=documents-created&filter-values - shows documents that were created started from specific date (note: this filter is not applicable for Templates)
allowed values: Unix timestamp

filters=documents-updated&filter-values - shows documents that were updated started from specific date (note: this filter is not applicable for Templates)
allowed values: Unix timestamp

sortby=created&order - sorts documents by creation date in descending or ascending order
allowed values: desc, asc

sortby=updated&order - sorts documents by update date
allowed values: desc, asc

limit - displays specified number of documents; Max limit is 100. It means that if value of “limit” parameter exceeds 100, response is automatically limited to 100 documents.
allowed values: integer

offset - displays documents from specified position
allowed values: integer

subfolder-data - defines whether sub-folders of the given folder are displayed in the response.
allowed values: 1, 0 (i.e. subfolder-data=1)

with_team_documents - allows to display “Team Documents” folders.
allowed values: true, false (i.e. with_team_documents=true)

exclude_documents_relations - allows to display short list of document info and increases maximum limit from 100 to 500 documents per page.
allowed values: true, false (i.e. exclude_documents_relations=false)

The short list of document info is:

"id": " ",
"user_id": " ",
"document_name": " ",
"page_count": " ",
"created": " ",
"updated": " ",
"original_filename": " "

include_documents_subfolders - allows to hide sub-folders and display all documents from those sub-folders in the parent folder. Parameter works only for “Documents” and “Template” folder and their children. Default value - true
allowed values: true, false

exclude_documents_relations - when this param is true, for documents in folder won’t include relations such as fields, signatures, etc, only the main info will be displayed.
allowed values: true, false

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