signNow Settings: SharePoint Document Settings

In signNow Settings users can check and manage three different kinds of settings: the Account Info, the SharePoint Document Settings, and the signNow Document settings. In this section we’ll describe the SharePoint Document Settings tab.

To access signNow Settings, go to the ribbon in your Documents folder in SharePoint and select this option.

signNow Settings open in a pop-up window. Go to the SharePoint Document Settings tab. Here you can set a destination folder where completed SharePoint documents will be saved.

Select one of the options: Save to document’s original folder, Create a signNow folder in the current SharePoint site, or Select an existing folder and click Save.

Note: This setting works only with the SharePoint site where signNow app was installed. If you’d like to store documents on another SharePoint site, please add signNow app to that site and configure SharePoint Document Settings again.