Send with signNow

Select a document, click on the actions menu and pick Send with signNow.

The document opens in signNow editor.

At this point you can prepare a document for signing: add signers, assign roles to them, set the order of signing, and add fillable fields.

1) Signing Step 1

At Signing Step 1, add the signers who have to sign this document first. Feel free to add multiple signers. All signers within one step receive the document at the same time.

2) Add Signer’s address and assign a role

Signer Role - the identifier that helps you assign specific fields to specific signers, e.g. Signer 1, CEO, Contractor. At this stage, you can add email addresses for each Signer role or simply add roles and assign the recipients later, while forming an Invite.

3) Add a role

Click the blue button to add a Signer role.

4) Signing Step 2

Here add the recipients who should receive the document after all Step 1 signers.

5) Cancel Inviting

If you click Cancel Inviting, all your edits with Roles and Signing Steps will not be saved.

6) Start adding fields

Drag and drop fillable fields anywhere on the document and assign them to the roles you’ve created.

  1. Click Edit Signers if you’d like to add, edit, or remove Signer roles
  2. Select any type of field from the list and drag it onto the document
  3. Resize the field by dragging the pinpoints. The asterix in the corner means this field is required.
  4. When you click on the field, the field menu opens on the right. Uncheck the Required box, if you don’t need this field to be required.
  5. Assign a role from the dropdown menu. Click Add role to add another signer.
  6. Click Save and Invite when you’re done.

The Review and Send page opens. Customize the email subject and message for every signer. Click Apply Email To All Roles if it fits.

When you’re done, click Send Invite.

Edit document opens the Roles and Signing Steps page.

Advanced Options:

  • Authentication type (for Signer identity verification): Password, Text Message, or Phone Call
  • Days Until Expiration: how long before this Invite expires
  • Send Reminder in X Days: set this value to send a reminder to the invitee in x days from today. Setting this value to 0 will send no reminder email.
  • Send Reminder every X Days: the recipient will get a reminder email every set amount of days.
  • Send Reminder in X Days before Expiration: the recipient will get a reminder email in the set amount of days before the Invite expires.
  • Allow Forwarding: the recipient can forward this email to another recipient
  • Allow Recipient to Decline to Sign: the recipient may decline the Invite.

When you send out the document, you’ll see it in your signNow account. When your Invite is sent, there are a few changes you can still make:

  • Cancel the Document invite for a specific recipient
  • Replace Signer: send the same Invite to a different recipient
  • Resend Invite in case the email gets filtered out
  • Change Expiration: change the date when this Invite expires.

When the recipient with Signer 1 role opens the document, they see only the fields assigned to them.

When all Signers are done, you’ll receive a signed copy in the same folder that you’ve sent the document from.