Login to signNow from SharePoint

To start working with SignNow users should have an account at https://signnow.com.

The first time you access signNow in SharePoint, the app would request your credentials and approve for access. This is a one-time-only procedure.

Select any signNow action from the actions menu on the document: click Send with signNow or Open with signNow.

The login page opens. Click Log in.

Permission requests

The permissions request opens. To start working with the app, please, read and agree to the terms of use. Depending on your level of access, different scenarios might be involved.

For regular users

Regular users aren’t allowed to approve permissions requests. At this step, they get a pop-up window where they can enter a note and submit a request for an administrator to review by clicking Request approval.

Once submitted, users will be informed that an administrator has been notified to review the request.

Administrators (currently selected as request reviewers) will receive an email notification explaining the request along with a link to the Azure portal to review the request in more detail.

When Administrators approve users’ request, users can log in once again and wouldn’t have to deal with permissions requests anymore.

For Administrators (Cloud Admins, App Admins etc.)

To approve permission requests, Cloud Admins, App Admins must have access to manage all administrative features in Azure Active Directory. This level of access can be granted by a Global Administrator or Privileged Role Administrator in your Organization.

Whether you request access as Cloud/App Admin, or create a custom directory role, please, keep in mind that your role must include permission to grant permissions to administrators.

Once you have the permission, you can grant consent to an app as described in the Case 1 for Global Administrators.

For Global Administrators

  • Case 1: how to approve a consent request for the app

Global Administrators can approve permissions and consent requests from users in Azure Active Directory:

  1. Navigate to Azure Active Directory

  2. Open Enterprise applications > search SharePoint and signNow integration / signNow

  3. Select Permissions and then click Grant admin consent

  4. Agree with the permissions the application requires and grant consent

  • Case 2: Consent on behalf of the Organization (when users ask the Global Administrator to install the app)

When the Global Administrators installs the app and logs in, they see a checkbox in the permissions request: Consent on behalf of your Organization. This checkbox will only show for the Global Admin role, so Cloud Admin and App Admin will not see this checkbox. Please check which role you have as this checkbox might not be visible for non-global admin.

In the Permissions Request pop-up window, select the consent checkbox and click Accept.

This means that the signNow app is now essentially pre-approved for all users in the tenant.

Having the permissions granted, enter your credentials, or use SSO, your Google or Facebook account to log in to signNow.

Grant signNow SharePoint Integration access to your signNow account.

When you log in successfully, the document opens in signNow editor (if you started login with Open with signNow) or in Who is signing? settings (if you started with Send with signNow).