Install signNow app to a SharePoint Site

signNow app is available at SharePoint Store. The installation process takes a couple of minutes.

In order to install an app, your SharePoint online must have an App Catalog site. To learn about how to create an App Catalog as an Office 365 Global Administrator, see : Create App Catalog site

For Global Administrators only: Install from the Microsoft Admin Center

To install signNow app for your organization and allow users to install it to their SharePoint sites, go to the Microsoft Admin Center.

  1. In Microsoft Admin Center, go to the Settings > Integrated apps > Get Apps. Select Get Apps at the top of the page.

  1. Search for signNow for SharePoint Online, and select the app page. Click on Get it Now and follow the instructions

  1. Select Deploy.

A green checkmark appears when the add-in is deployed. Follow the on-page instructions to test the add-in.

For users with regular access: Request installation

  1. On the Site where you’d like to add signNow, go to Settings > Add an app.

  1. On the Your Apps page, click SharePoint Store.

  1. In the SharePoint Store find signNow: type SignNow into the Search box. Click the signNow icon.

  1. On the signNow app page, click Request it.

  1. Select if you’d like to install signNow for specific users or for your whole organization. Click Request.

The signNow app appears in Site Contents - Your Requests.

The administrator of your SharePoint site must approve the request. When the admin approves your request and deploys the app to your organisation (see below), users will be able to see the App in Site Contents > From Your Organization and install it from there.

Go to Site Contents > select From Your Organization > click on signNow for SharePoint Online > read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement. If you agree, click Trust it. The signNow app will be installed.

For admins of SharePoint Sites (users with Full permissions): Approve installation

Admins and users with Full permissions approve the request. In your SharePoint site, go to Actions menu > Admin.

In Microsoft Admin Center, click Show All in the left sidebar.

Scroll down and select Sharepoint.

Sharepoint Admin Center opens. Select apps.

In Apps, go to the App catalog.

In the App catalog, look through the App requests and click on the request marked as New.

Change the request status from New to Approved and click Save.

Open the request and click Click here to view the App Details.

In the App Details page, click Add It.

Now, click Deploy.

The App appears on the App Catalog page and will be available to install in the section From Your Organization.

Send with signNow will be added to the actions menu in the document.

Note: To start working with the app, go to your document library, select any document and open the context menu. You’ll see the Send with signNow button on the options list.