Update a Procore record with document data

Update your Procore records with the data collected from the completed signNow documents.

In your Procore project, select the signNow app from the Select app menu in the navigation header.

Select the Procore contract from the Procore contracts list and click Next to Templates.

Select a template from the list by clicking Upload.

When you click Upload, a new document is generated from your template and uploaded to signNow.

Name the new document and click Upload.

Click Next to Record Options.

Select Update record, then click Next to Mapping.

During mapping under the Update option, the document for signature is prefilled with data from the Procore Fields you selected and mapped.

Learn more about the Prefill option here.

Map Procore fields in the selected record with signNow roles and fillable fields.

Values updated by recipient in signNow fields will be updated in the corresponding fields in the Procore record.

Move the Lock the field toggle to lock the fields that should remain unchanged and add the constant value.

Check the Remove empty fields from the document box, so the unmapped fields will not be visible to a signer. In our example, this field is Date_8.

Once you’ve finished mapping, click Next to Email Settings.

Customize the subject and message of the email and click Send Documents.

As a result, the recipient will see the locked values and the fields they have to complete.