Prefill a document and send invite

In your Procore project, select the signNow app from the Select app menu in the navigation header.

Select the Procore contract from the Procore contracts list and click Next to Templates.

Select a template from the list by clicking Upload.

When you click Upload, a new document is generated from your template and uploaded to signNow.

By default, you can see the list of templates from your signNow account. Click on the Templates dropdown to select templates from different folders, shared Team templates or Document group templates.

Click Preview to view the template layout.

Name the new document and click Upload.

Click Next to Mapping.

During mapping, the document for signature is prefilled with data from the Procore Fields you selected and mapped.

Map Procore fields in the selected project with signNow roles and fillable fields.

signNow extracts values from fields in Procore project and inserts them into the document fields.

Role Mapping

In this part, specify the signer’s email address for every signer role. Click Add CC to add email addresses if you’d like to CC anyone.

You won’t be able to move on to Email Settings if any of the Roles isn’t mapped.

You can also change the name of the document you’re about to send in the Sending document name.

Field Mapping

Map signNow fields with the Procore fields by selecting from the dropdown menus.

signNow extracts values from fields in the Procore project and inserts them into the document fields.

Mapping Results

Check what values have been extracted for the document fields. Edit them if necessary.

Click Next to Email Settings when you’re ready.

Customize your email subject and message in Email Settings.

Click Send documents when your documents are good to go.

When recipients sign your document, the signed copy can be found in Recently changed items on your project page.