signNow tabs: Shared templates tab

Keep sharing your templates with certain users to continue collaborating within signNow teams.

Note! Be careful not to confuse signNow teams with Microsoft Teams.

A new folder with the team’s name will be automatically created each time you create a new signNow team.

Learn how to create a signNow team here.

Note! Permission to make changes to folders is only available to the team’s owners.

Click on the folder you need to open the list of shared templates.

Then, select a template and choose an option:

  • Edit template is only available for the shared template’s owner

  • Create a copy is available for both the team’s owner and users

  • Unshare from Folder is only available for the team’s owner and allows for moving the selected shared templates from a public folder to a private folder.

If you’re not an owner of a team, you’ll need to be invited to a signNow team in order to view shared templates.