signNow tabs: Shared documents tab

Share documents with signNow teammates and track the signing status of your documents. Users with access to the Shared documents tab will be able to see who signed a document and when, as well as open them in the preview mode.

Note! Be careful not to confuse signNow teams with Microsoft Teams.

A new folder with the team’s name will be automatically created each time you create a new signNow team.

To make signNow teams available to users in Shared documents, a team owner should enable them in the signNow web app.

Click on the folder you need to open the list of shared documents.

Then, select a document and choose an option:

  • Invite to Sign is only available for the shared document’s owner

  • Add fields is only available for a team’s owner (not available for documents with previously added fields in the Documents tab)

  • Open document is only available for a team’s owner (users will see the View document option)

  • Edit document is only available for the team’s owner

  • Save to Microsoft Teams is available for all users

Note! If you’re not an owner of a team, you’ll need to be invited to a signNow team in order to view shared documents.

Once you’ve sent a Shared Document for signing, you can cancel your signing request by clicking Cancel Invites.

Then, in the Cancel Document Invites pop-up, confirm your action.

You can also filter your Shared Documents by their status.