Share documents and templates via a link

Easily share your documents or templates for signing with users via a link. Create a quick access tab with a document/template link directly in your Team channels.

Note! You can generate a sharable link only for documents with a single signer.

  1. Select a document/template and click Invite via Link.

  1. Copy the generated link.

You can now send a link to users via the method that is most convenient for you. You can also add a link directly to the teams as a tab.

To do so, proceed to the Teams tab to select the team you need. Then, click the + icon to add a tab.

Next, select the Website tab from the tabs list.

In the next pop-up, enter a name for the tab you’re adding and paste the copied invite link. Then, click Save.

That’s it! The tab will be instantly added to the selected Team channel. Clicking this tab will open the document (from the link) for signing in the signNow editor right inside the Team channel.