Send documents for signing

To send your documents, shared documents, templates or shared templates out for signing, select them and click Invite to Sign (a document in the example).

Enter a signer’s email and CC (optional). Then, click Send Invite.

When you start entering a user’s name or email, you’ll see the list of all matching contacts from Microsoft Teams.

To adjust additional settings for your signing request, click the gear icon next to a signer.

The window with additional settings will open, allowing you to:

  • password-protect the signing invite:

Password protected documents will be displayed at the top of the document list. Users are supposed to click Unlock next to a document.

Then, enter a password and click Unlock.

  • set an expiration date for your signing invite
  • set a reminder for your signing invite

You can adjust settings for each signer separately or apply your settings to all signers in your signing invite by selecting the Apply settings to all roles checkbox.

Once finished, click Save.

You can also save copies of signed documents in a separate folder by applying advanced settings.

To do so, click Advanced settings and select the option you need (None or Microsoft Teams).

For Microsoft Teams, click Select Folder to choose the location of the signed document.

Once the document has been sent, you’ll be able to track the status of the document.

The signNow Bot will notify Microsoft Teams users about your signature request. Users who are not using Microsoft Teams will receive an email notification.

Users are expected to click Sign to open your document for signing in the editor.

The signNow Bot will notify you each time a recipient opens your signing request.

Once users sign your documents and / or signed documents are placed in the selected storage, the notification will appear as follows.

You can open a document in the signNow app editor by clicking Open.

Selecting Open in SharePoint folder will open a document in the Sharepoint folder it was saved to.

The status of the document will be automatically changed from Waiting for Others to Signed.

Download documents directly from the signNow app. To do so, select the document you need and click Download in the sidebar panel.

In the Download pop-up, select a download method:

  • selecting None will simply download the document
  • selecting History will download the document along with the document’s detailed history.