Installing the signNow app

Install the signNow application for your chat-based Microsoft Teams workspace and your team’s collaboration on signNow documents. Send your documents for e-signing to your users, approve them as well as track the signing process inside your workspaces or channels, all without leaving Microsoft teams.

  1. You can install the signNow app to a Microsoft Team workspace or directly to a team or chat:
  • How to add signNow to a Microsoft Teams workspace:

Navigate to Apps in the left panel. Enter signnow in the search line, then select the signNow app from the list.

Click Add to install signNow for your Teams.

Once installed, you’ll see the signNow app icon in the left panel.

For quick access to the signNow app, you can pin it in the side-bar panel. To do so, right click the signNow app icon and select Pin.

Alternatively, you can access the signNow app via the three dots in the side-bar panel.

Select Get Started in the signNow welcome message to start using the signNow app.

  • add signNow to a specific team or chat:

Click the arrow, then select Add to a team or Add to a chat from the dropdown.

Once selected, the Setup signNow for a team pop-up will open. Search for the team or chat you’d like to add signNow to, then select it from the list. Click Set up.

Next, click Save in the Welcome to signNow pop-up to finish installation.

  1. You’ll be redirected to the signNow login page.

Select Log In, enter your Microsoft Teams credentials.

  1. You’ll be redirected to the login page.

Enter your signNow credentials, then click Log in.

You can also log in to signNow using SSO, Facebook, or Google.

Next, click Grant access to signNow.

Once logged in, the signNow app will open and display all your documents.

When installing the signNow app for the first time, users may encounter the following issues. Let’s consider the two following cases:

  • Approval required: users aren’t allowed to approve consent requests. They can enter a note and submit a request for an administrator to review by clicking Request approval.

Once submitted, users will be informed that an administrator has been notified to review the request.

Administrators (currently selected as request reviewers) will receive an email notification explaining the request along with a link to the Azure portal to review the request in more detail.

  • Need admin approval: users will need to ask the organisation administrator to install the app. Once done, select the consent checkbox in the pop-up and click Accept.

This means that the signNow app is now essentially pre-approved for all users in the tenant.