signNow tabs: Documents tab

Start by selecting a document, then choosing the necessary option in the Document options sidebar.

You can rename uploaded documents by clicking Rename Document. This option will be unavailable after sending your document for signing.

Add fillable fields to your document before sending it. Otherwise, the Invite to Sign button will be disabled.

To do so, select a document and click Add fields.

The signNow editor will open. Drag & drop fields wherever you need on the document.

Once finished, click SAVE AND CLOSE.

You can create templates from your documents by clicking Make Template. The templates will be instantly created from the selected docs in the Template tab.

You can also move your documents to the Shared Documents tab. This will allow specific users to track the signing status of moved documents.

To do so, select a document, then click Move to Shared Folder.

In the Move to Shared Documents pop-up, select the folder you’d like to move your document to. Then, click Move.

To save documents to Microsoft Teams, select the corresponding option in the sidebar panel.

Next, in the Save to Microsoft Teams pop-up, select the Microsoft Team and the Folder you’d like to save your document to. Then, click Save.

You can also filter your documents by their status.