signNow tabs: Document Groups tab

Send multiple documents out for signing to specific users in one invitation with the Document Groups tab.

To create a new Document Group, select Create Document Group in the option panel.

The Add documents to signNow pop-up will open. You can upload:

  • documents from your device
  • recent documents used in Microsoft Teams
  • documents stored in your Microsoft Teams

Once selected, click Upload Documents.

Once uploaded, you can rename your Document Group by clicking Rename Group.

This option will be unavailable after sending your Document group for signing.

To open your Document Group for editing, select Open next to a Document Group you need.

Alternatively, select Edit Document Group.

Then, add fillable fields to at least one document in your Document Group. To do so, select a document, then click Add fields in the option panel.

Note! If you haven’t added fillable fields to documents in the Document Group you’ve created, you can edit it later by selecting Edit Document Group.

To upload more documents, select Upload Docs to Group in the option panel.

After you’ve added fillable fields to all documents in the Document Group, you’ll be able to send it for signing. To do so, select Send Group for Signing.

In the Invite for Document Group window, enter the signer’s email. You can send your invite to multiple users.

In Advanced Settings, you can select where to save copies of completed documents (None is selected by default). For Microsoft Teams, click Select Folder to choose a location for signed documents.

Then, click Send Document Group Invite.

The Document Group will be sent for signing and marked with the Pending status.

To cancel the invites you’ve sent, select Cancel Invites. Then, confirm your action in the Cancel All Document Group Invites pop-up.

That’s it! You’ll get a Bot notification when your Document Group is completed or all documents have been saved to the selected Microsoft Teams folder.