Team - a signNow entity which has a unique ID, a Team Admin, Shared templates (in designated Shared Folders) and Team members.

How do I create a Team?

Create a team by clicking on the profile icon in the top right area of your browser and selecting View Teams.

In the Teams page, click Create New Team.

The Create a Team popup window allows you to name the team and invite members.

The Team admins can view team members’ documents checkbox gives you the option to allow or prohibit an admin to view all team members’ documents.

What’s the difference between adding a user and adding a team member?

Adding a new user
SignNow Subscription Admins can add a new user to their account and give that user a subscription along with access to all of the features associated with their account plan including sending documents out for signing.

To add a new user, visit your SignNow homepage and click Add User or do it using the Admin Console.

Adding a team member
A team member can only be invited by the team admin. Team members are only allowed to sign, send, and manage their documents across their team. However, they can’t create templates for other team members or monitor the status of another user’s activities. Only the team admin can monitor a user’s document that has been sent out for signing.

Admins can invite new members to the team even if they don’t have a SignNow account. In this case, the new team member must be assigned under the seat with the license, so they’re able to upload and send documents. Without the assigned license, they will only be able to view and with no further functionality.

Can a team admin see what documents are being sent by other team members?

When you create a team, you can choose to allow the team admin to be able to view all documents of other members or not. This setting is available when you click Create Team - the appeared pop-up has a specific checkbox.

If you tick the box, the team Admin - it can be you or other Admins - will be able to view all documents. If you don’t tick the box, the only documents Admins(s) will be able to view are those in the Shared Team Folder.

Note: At this time there is no way to change the setting for your teams. You must either create a team that allows you (the Admin) to view all documents or only templates in the Shared Folder. If you change your mind, you’ll have to deactivate the current team and create a new one with another setting.

To view team member documents, click on Action and choose View documentation.

Organization Team

An Organization Team is a shareable team that your colleagues automatically get added to when they sign up for SignNow. Colleagues who already have SignNow accounts will also be added to this team.

Admin and Secondary Admins cannot view team member documents, and in order for your colleagues to be added to an organization team automatically, they need to have the same domain as you in the email address they register with.