Signer is the recipient of the signature request. The Signer object contains:

  • Data for a person who receives an Invite (e.g. role, email address, signing order)
  • Data for all the objects assigned to this person (e.g. fillable fields)

Each invite must have at least one recipient. Each recipient must be assigned at least one field and a role in the signing process (Signer 1, Signer 2…)

Document signers receive invites via email or sign the document directly in the app or on the website.

What are the Signer’s options?

Signers can view, sign, fill in or decline to sign the document. They can be granted different levels of access. When several signers have to put their signatures on one document, each has a number of fields that nobody else can access. Based on this fine-grained access control, users build complex e-signature workflows, where they arrange the order of signing for up to 20 recipients.