Organization Settings

Super Admins can manage the Organization Settings via the Organization Admin Panel in their signNow account.

Settings that each User activates individually

Email notifications settings can be accessed from the user’s profile by clicking on the user’s icon from the top-right corner of the screen, selecting Profile and switching to the Notifications tab.

Settings that can be activated by Organization Admins

Organization settings are available in the Organization Admin Panel to organization admins only. Organization admins can be assigned by signNow support team. There are no limits on how many admins an Organization can have.

If a user is an Organization Admin, they will have the Organization Admin Panel button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Go to the Org Settings in the top menu. The available options are:

  1. Mobile web
  • Allow Signer to Choose Between App or Mobile Web - adds the Sign with Mobile Browser option
  • Only Use Mobile Web - redirects signers to Mobile Web, without any mention of the App
  • Do Not Use Mobile Web - forces to download SignNow App
  1. Drawloop Salesforce integration: set this option to On to integrate with your Drawloop account
  2. Restrict Team Invites By Selected Team Admins: allows you to create a whitelist of admins that can invite members to Teams
  3. Document Guide Option - determines whether to show or hide the Guide me wizzard to Signers of this Organization

Organization-wide Cloud Export

Organization Admins can access Cloud Storage settings under the Organization Admin Panel. Once the Cloud Storage account is connected, they can check the Enable Export on Sign option. If it’s enabled signed documents from all users’ accounts under the Organization will be automatically added to the export queue.