Organization - a signNow entity which has a unique ID, logo, documents and templates, a Super Admin, other admins, Teams, and members.

Organizations can be created by signNow support team or by a subscription admin.

How do I create an organization?

To create an organization, a subscription admin should make a POST /v2/organizations request.

You may create multiple organizations per subscription. Each organization can have separate settings. Organizations may optionally be mapped to an email domain, to automatically assign users from different parts of your business.

Users on a Trial subscription can create up to 5 organizations, on a Professional or Enterprise subscription - up to 50.

Organization Super Admin

Organization Super Admin has full access to the organization and can view and delete other peoples documents and templates.

Super Admins only exist within enterprise accounts. To set up an enterprise account or create a super admin position, contact the signNow support team.

Organization Admin

Organization Admin has rights to create templates and send them out for signing as well as invite other teammates to the organization.

How do I add members/admins to an Organization?

To add Admins to an Organization, make a POST /v2/organizations/{{org_inique_id}}/admins request.

To add members to an Organization, make a POST /v2/organizations/{{org_inique_id}}/members request.