Documents and Templates

The Document object contains:

  • Metadata: file name, size, extension, ID;
  • Fields, elements (texts, checks and signatures),
  • Invites, status of the invites,
  • Roles,
  • Timestamps (date created, date updated)

What can you do with documents?

Document is the fundamental unit of every e-Signature operation. It’s impossible to send an invite without selecting or uploading a document for signature. In signNow you can add other objects to the document called fillable fields. When the document is signed, it can be downloaded in PDF file format. Documents in signNow can be turned into a template.

Template - an entity that holds the structure of a document and serves for generating its copies.

signNow users cannot make a template without uploading a document first. Users can generate (clone) a new instance of a document from it.

What can you do with templates?

When you create an invite using a template, recipients sign the instance of this template - a document. The instance can be customized specifically for the recipient, for example, prefilled with the account info. Templates can be shared within a team and edited only by the owner.

File size limits

Maximum file size per upload is 50 Mb.

The same limit works for the attachments uploaded by signers via SignNow editor.