Getting Started

SignNow offers a free testing environment to explore the e-signature REST API - the Developer Sandbox. It provides all SignNow features for e-signature and document management. However, documents signed in the sandbox environment are not legally binding.

Sandbox environment doesn’t offer production-level SLA and should not be used for production operations

SignNow API follows the principles of REST architecture. The base URL for the requests from the Sandbox account is

If you’d like to switch to prod environment, the base URL is Email us at for more details or choose your plan here.

Register for a free Developer Sandbox

To register, request an API key by submitting your email address at

Once you’ve signed in, there are two options for your convenience: you could start tweaking and customizing the Code Examples in the default Test App or add as many apps as you want. For every app in the Sandbox, a client ID and client secret are generated automatically.

Default contents of your Sandbox account

  • Test App with the client ID and client secret already generated
  • 2 Сode Examples to run different workflows: 1 document for 1 signer; 1 document for 2 signers.
  • Two document templates containing fillable fields: one template preset for 1 signer; the other one ready for 2 signers.

Step by step

  1. Go to, type in your email address and hit CREATE MY API SANDBOX. You’ll receive a Sandbox activation email.

  2. Check your Inbox, open the verification email and activate your Sandbox account. Follow the link in the email to create your password.

You’ll be redirected to your Sandbox account.

Once finished, your Sandbox account opens in the Developer Sandbox Environment. You can view a Test App in the Apps section which you are free to use. The Test App already contains the automatically generated Client ID and Client Secret.

Click Add App if you prefer your own project for testing. You only have to name it, the client ID-secret pair is generated automatically. Click Add when you’re ready.

  1. Before you begin testing any code examples, request an access token for the app you’d like to use.

Documents signed in the Sandbox environment are not legally binding.