In your SignNow account, go to API to access the SignNow API Dashboard.


  • Check the Basic Authorization tokens for your apps in API Applications

  • Click Add App to start. Give a name to your new app and you’ll notice: the Basic Authorization token for every app are generated automatically.
  • Your apps are active by default. Click on the app status in the Status column to activate/deactivate the app.
  • Click the pencil icon to change the application name, the bin icon - to delete the app.
  • Follow the instructions from the Code examples to send your first signature request.
  • Get a Bearer access token, copy the curl, and insert your token to send the request.
  • There are two documents in your account by default called Request one signature and Request two signatures. You can use them to make templates and test freeform and field invites.


  • Check the logs for your requests

  • Filter logs by app, date, method, URL, or status Click Refresh to get the most recent logs