In your signNow account, go to API to access the signNow API Dashboard.


In Keys, all your apps are listed along with their Basic Authorization tokens. Every time you add a new app, the Basic Autorization token is generated automatically in this section.

  • Click Add App to begin. Give a name to your new app and hit Add. Notice how the Basic Authorization token appears next to the name of your app under API Applications.
  • Your apps are active by default. Click on the status toggle to activate/deactivate the app.
  • Click the actions menu (triage) and select Edit to change the application name, or Delete - to delete the app.
  • Follow the instructions from the Code examples to send your first signature request.
  • Get a Bearer access token, copy the curl, and insert your token to send the request.
  • There are two documents in your account by default called Employment Application Form (1 signer) and Request two signatures (2 signers). You can use them to make templates and test freeform and field invites.


In Logs, all your API calls are listed with the data that helps to identify the call: the date and time it was sent, the method used, the URL involved, and the status (response) it got.

  • Filter Logs by app, date, method, URL, or status
  • Click Refresh to get the most recent logs


In Webhooks, your active event subscriptions are listed. You can check up on every event, the date it was created, the entity ID involved (a user ID or document ID which triggers the event), the callback URL specified (where to send data after event triggers), and the action required.

  • Filter Webhooks by app, date, entity ID, callback URL, or Action to view only the relevant event subscriptions.
  • You can only view the event subscriptions created using the Webhooks 2.0 service. Those created under Webhooks 1.0 (Deprecated) will not be displayed.

Plan Usage

In Plan Usage, all the statistics regarding your API plan are displayed.

  • Your API plan and the monthly invoices: click Invoices next to the plan title to check the list
  • Signature invites: the total amount of invites available under your API plan, how many have already been sent and how many remain till the plan expires.
  • Log of all the Signature invites by type. There are different Request Types that count towards your Signature Invites total: Invite to Sign, Signing Link, Freeform invites, Document Group Invite, Bulk Invite. This log is available from two points of view
  • the Invites Logs view display logs of all time spent signing invitations during the billing period. You can open a detailed view of each log for more details of the last 30 days.
  • the Stats per Month view shows the number of invites sent on a per-month basis. All invites are sorted by month and type.

Go live

When you’re ready to move on to production environment, click Go to API Production in the API Dashboard. This allows you to select the subscription plan that best suits your project. Feel free to contact sales and explore the Custom plan options if the Professional plan isn’t the perfect fit. When you go to production, keep in mind that the base URL must be changed from the eval to production environment URL.