Embedded signing

Embedded signing - having the documents signed within your website or app.


  1. One-time setup

1.1. Create a Sender account
1.2. Get an access token for the Sender

You can use your own token and account credentials as Sender’s.

1.3. Create a Signer account
1.4. Get an access token for the Signer
1.5. Turn off reusable signatures (optional)

Steps 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 might be repeated if you prefer working with unique Signer IDs.

  1. Setup for every document you’d like to embed

2.1. Create a document as Sender (3 methods)
2.2. Create the invite to sign that document
2.3. Generate restricted scope access token for a signing link
2.4. Generate the signing link to the document