Embedded Signing

Embedded signing - having the documents signed within your website or app by creating an embedded invite.

To create an embedded invite, make a POST /v2/documents/{documentUniqueId}/embedded-invites request.

Before composing your request, make sure that:

  • you are the owner of the document that you’d like to have signed
  • you are about to create an invite for a document, not a template
  • your document contains fields
  • your document doesn’t appear on any other role-based (aka field) invites, pending or signed
  • there’s only one step on the Signing order ( the “order” parameter in the Signer object equals 1)
  • Signer’s emails are unique and don’t exceed 150 characters
  • all the role IDs in the document are mentioned in the invite
Create an embedded invite
    "email": "signer@email.com",
    "role_id": "c8de4237e6dc4c7e8d897e2adad75b2b0b5ba659",
    "order": 1
    "email": "signer2@email.com",
    "role_id": "1234567890dc4c7e8d897e2adad75b1234567890",
    "order": 1

The embedded signing link expires in 15 minutes. To refresh the link, make a GET /v2/documents/{document_id}/embedded-invites/{fieldInvite_id} request. This call restores it for another 15 minutes.

To delete all the embedded invites for a specific document, make a DELETE /v2/documents/{document_id}/embedded-invites request.

To review all your embedded invites, make a GET /v2/documents/{document_id}/embedded-invites request.