signNow has released the official Node.js API client version 1.6.0

We can officially boast of the Node.js SDK for the signNow API designed to eliminate low-level yet cumbersome routine tasks from sending requests and handling responses. These changes are part of our ongoing effort to simply help you focus on writing code.

Here are some more features and improvements implemented in version 1.6.0:

  • Automation for loads of documents is now available in one clean signature invite: try the Create Invite to Sign Document Group Template feature. It’s a massive time-saver as you only have to create one invite that you can check up on instead of crafting individual requests for every signer of every document in the group
  • Our documentation now covers the Share Document feature for your convenience. Send us any questions you have for this or any other part of the documentation, we’d be happy to clarify any dark spots together
  • Added the option of downloading the document’s changelog in a separate file - Find the Download with History option while using the Download Document feature
  • The role_id parameter for a signer is now optional which makes it easier and faster to specify a signer when using Create Document Field Invite
  • Canceling invites is now available for Free Form Invites and Field Invites
  • A quick check to account for all documents is always a plus - retrieve your documents with the View Document Group and View Document Group Template features
  • Added the option to cancel invites for a document you’re about to delete using the Remove Document feature