SignNow Node.js SDK v.2.0 has been released

SignNow team is proud to release new features and improvements for the SignNow Node.js SDK. In version 2.0, you get:

  • the View Template Routing Details feature: use it to check up on the signer’s email addresses, signing steps, and other details specified for the template;
  • the Update Template Routing Details feature: edit the routing details in the template. Often, when you check up on something, it needs a fix;
  • the Download Document Group feature: download all documents in the group with one request;
  • the Send Verification Email feature: users you create via API calls cannot log in to SignNow web version until they verify their credentials. Use this to send them a verification email;
  • the Cancel Document Group Invite feature: it’s used exactly as it sounds. No matter how many signers were involved, cancel the invite for everyone in a single request;
  • now you have more options in the Create User feature: send a verification email, so your new users could verify their credentials by following a link, or start a 30-day free trial for them;
  • set a phone number as one of the parameters while Creating a user;
  • download signed documents archived in zip while using the Download Document feature.