signNow Node.JS SDK version 1.5.0 has been released

We’re proud to announce the release of signNow Node.js SDK version 1.5.0. Check out the new features and improvements:

  • Keep your work safe even when the token expires. We’ve implemented the Refresh Access Token feature for resolving unexpected issues with tokens;
  • Stay organized and get rid of the templates you don’t need anymore - the Remove Template feature has been added to the library;
  • Check out the documentation updates on the Get Document History;
  • Get complex contract cycles automated with a new templatizing tool - Create Document Group Template. Make templates of the documents you usually use in one package; create a group, and then generate documents from all the templates in the group at once automatically;
  • Send the document groups for signature with Create Document Group Invite. Your signers will receive a checklist of the documents to fill-in and sign;
  • Validation added for the Create Signing Link feature - a document must have at least one role that is not assigned to any specific email in order to create an invite link;
  • And last but not least - explore the option of removing originals after merging multiple documents.