signNow Node.JS SDK version 1.3.1 has been released

We’re proud to announce the release of signNow Node.js SDK version 1.3.1. This library will be a huge contribution to all developers using SignNow API. Check out the new features and improvements:

Release Notes

  • The new feature - Remove Document - introduces quick document delete with examples where to use it;
  • Another newcomer - Template Invite - allows users to send field and freeform invites. Now you can eliminate unwanted steps and speed up the process by using templates for generating documents for signature. Feel free to use the code examples to test it;
  • Added the option to remove the original document after the templatizing in Create Template;
  • Fixed the problem of document downloads related to encoding of binary data;
  • Fully described the usage of template-related methods as an expansion and improvement of API Reference.