signNow .Net SDK v.0.3.0 has been released

We’re proud to announce the release of signNow .NET SDK v.0.3.0. Check out the features available and start building your integrations:

Release Notes

Features implemented:

  • IUserService.GetCurrentUserAsync method which allows developers to retrieve the User resource.
  • IUserService.CreateInviteAsync method for creating freeform or role-based invites.
  • IUserService.CancelInviteAsync method for canceling a freeform invite using the invite ID or canceling a role-based invite using the document ID.
  • Model.FreeFormInvite which allows developers to create freeform invites to sign the document.
  • Model.RoleBasedInvite which allows developers to create role-based invites to sign the document (with options on how to verify the signer’s identity: by password protection, a phone call, or sms)


  • IDocumentService returns SignNowDocument model instead of DocumentResponse
  • IDocumentService.GetDocumentAsync method can now be used to retrieve document roles, invite requests, timestamps, pages count, etc…