Billing and subscriptions

In this article you’ll learn the billing details that apply to every plan. You can use this information to create your own custom subscription.

Subscription plans

When you register for a Sandbox account, you get a free Sandbox plan. Later on, when you’ve tested signNow API, you can select a Professional plan per 500/1000/2000 invites or contact sales for Custom Pricing and subscribe to any amount of invites you’d like.

To check how many invites have been sent and get your monthly invoice, go to API Dashboard > Plan Usage.

Sandbox plan:

  • Free of charge
  • No sales pitches
  • Unlimited test keys
  • No credit card signup

Sandbox plan allows you to test out every request and every endpoint in the Sandbox environment to make an informed decision. All the endpoints are available, users spend as much time as they need with unlimited amount of apps and keys for testing, SDKs, Postman collection, and an OpenAPI specification. The signatures you collect from your Sandbox account are not legally binding.

Professional plan:

  • $84-250 per month (annual commitment)
  • 500, 1000, or 2000 signature invites per year
  • Unlimited number of apps
  • Legally binding e-signatures

With a Sandbox account you get a ballpark figure of how many signature invites would cover your tasks. Professional plan gives you an opportunity to get legally binding signatures on every document sent. You can choose between 500, 1000, or 2000 signature invites per year under this subscription.

Custom Pricing If 2000 invites per year is not enough (or maybe 500 invites is too much), contact sales managers to get a Custom plan with just the right amount of invites for your workflow.

Why does the amount of invites matter?

signNow offers API subscription plans based on the amount of signature invites that you send. Billing varies by the type of signature invite.

Freeform invites

Freeform invite - an invitation to sign a document which doesn’t contain any fillable fields. When a user sends one document in a freeform invite via API, charging is performed per each sent invite. If you send a freeform invite to several signers, it counts as several freeform invites and charging is performed per each sent out freeform invite.

Field invite (Role-based invites)

Field invite or Role-based invite - an invitation to sign a document which contains at least one fillable field assigned to one role. Just like with freeform invites, signNow charges per each sent field invite. However, when the user sends one document to several signers in a field invite, it still counts as one field invite. Using roles allows you to include several Signers in one Invite object.

Signing link

Signing link - a single-use link to a document that requires a signature. When the document is signed (or the signer declines to sign it), the link is no longer valid.

When the API user generates a link to the document and shares it with a signer, charging starts only when the signer opens the document. If the signer clicks on the link and the document doesn’t open, there’s no fee.

When an API user generates a signing link, there are two optional parameters to consider:

  • Allow signer to send invite - signers who received the link have the right to send this link to other recipients on behalf of the document owner (the API user who created the link)

If this option is enabled, charging is performed per each invite sent, and how many times the document has been opened becomes irrelevant.

  • Inviter will guest sign signing step 1 - in case there are several roles in the document and inviter should also sign it

If this option is enabled along with Allow signer to send invite, charging is performed per each sent invite.

Bulk Invite

Bulk invite - the invite that you can send to a list of signers. In this scenario, charging counts per each sent invite. If you send one document to multiple recipients and assign a separate field to every signer, it’s still one invite.

Document group invite

Document group invite is used when you want to send multiple documents to one or multiple signers. Charging is performed as usually - per each invite sent. If you add multiple signers to your document group invite, it still counts as one invite.

There is no fee for Replace/Cancel/Resend invite.